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This is a review of Dark Souls, from FROM SOFTWARE almost a decade ago.

This game is ubiquitously known due to its brutal difficulty and captivating lore. It is commonly referred to as a flawed masterpiece.

The graphics may be dated, but not bad. It may not have the fancy post processing effects and shaders we have nowadays, but it is more than good enough to support the fantastic playing experience.

Gameplay is one of the core strengths of this game, allowing for diverse playstyles, having extremely challenging but fair fights, and combat that is both slow and methodical and requires quick thinking. It is the longest prevailing aspect of the game, that has been imitated by a myriad of titles in the recent years, proving its mass appeal.

Dark souls, while having seemingly no story, has massive chunks of lore hidden in the details of the game. The creator has stated that he has a clear image of the world in his head, but will not impose it on any players, leaving it to them to interpret. In doing so, FROM SOFTWARE has created a truly captivating world filled with misery and strife.

As for multiplayer, other players can choose to intrude your realm by stepping through the bounds of time and space as a phantom to obtain a rare and dwindling resource, humanity, from your corpse.

This concludes my review of Dark souls. I rate this game 10/10.